Innovative energy solutions at the service of your freedom.

In few words

Everything we do leaves a mark in our environment. At ProtoNature we work to reduce that footprint and transform our planet into a better place for everyone.


Your world in motion, thanks to the energy of nature, without intermediaries, contracts or services that impose conditions.


Your home or workplace is transformed into a truly personal space when you feel safe. Very accessible technologies that guarantee a lifestyle tailored to your needs.


Solutions for a more comfortable and independent life. We invite you to take a simple and powerful step.

Some Numbers in the World

When you use clean energy, you make our planet a better home.

Creation 24 Millions of Jobs

By 2045 in the renewable energy sector

1,1 Millions of Electric Cars

By 2020

Hydroponics is 6 times more efficient per m2

That conventional agriculture

Argentina must reach 20% of its
renewable energy matrix for 2025

Currently it has only 4%

Transforming your day to day

ProtoNature puts at your fingertips multiple ways to transform your world.


On-grid and off-grid systems with the possibility of taking advantage of both wind energy and solar energy. Have you ever imagined making money with the energy you generate?

Air conditioning

There are innumerable ways to generate cold and heat in a sustainable way. An air conditioner, a cooling system for an entire building? We have the way to concretize that vision.

Drinking water

We have systems that guarantee the self-supply of drinking water, tailored to any volume of demand. Your own source of natural water.


We are what we eat. We bring you a revolution in the way of obtaining 100% natural and organic foods. A healthy garden, without the need for soil, substrates, or sunlight.


Through artificial intelligence, you can reduce unnecessary consumption by analyzing what you throw away. Disruptive technology, ideal to optimize what you buy.

Social Inclusion

Sustainable energy is the best way to improve the quality of life for those who do not have access (economic or geographic) to a traditional network. A better world for thousands of families, until today, ignored.

Our ecosystem

ProtoNature generated alliances with leading companies worldwide. Innovative and disruptive brands that have successfully implemented a new era: the era of sustainability.



Let's go through some of the possibilities we want to offer you.

  • Todos
  • Solar panels
  • Hydroponics
  • Baterías
  • Wind power


Behind our solutions there are people committed to each of the projects we carry out.


Tomás Wentzel

Marco Emmanuel Ortiz

Michelle Gauweloose

Roberto Fazzito

Marcelo Fazzito



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